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  • Klindex Dust Extractor

Klindex Dust Extractor

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: 13 / 12 / 2019
klindex dust extractor

Detail Klindex Dust Extractor

Spesifikasi Dust Extractor Brand Klindex Ultrasonic Cleaner sku 016

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Harga Rp. 110.000.000,-

Dust Extractor
Brand: Klindex

Tersedia berbagai type sbb

Supervak 90

Supervak 90M Dust Extracto

Supervak 80M Dust Extractor

Supervak 40 Dust Extractor

Feature dasar

SUPERVAK 90 is a powerful compact vacuum cleaner to vacuum large quantities of dusts such as: plaster, cement, flour, scabs, sawdust, dust materials from ceramic industry as well as dust produced by sanders, grinders, core drills etc. Available both in ASC version “Automatic Self Cleaning Filter” and in SC version “Self Cleaning Filter”. Thanks to ASC and SC patent it can work continuously without having to stop to dismantle and clean the filters (which is an operation that everybody always postpones and nobody would want to do because dusty and annoying).

Main features:

• ASC or SC system: Automatic and/or Self Cleaning Filter.
• 3 cartridge filters.
• Easily removable tank.
• Possibility to insert a normal plastic bag (optional).
• Secondary filter to protect the motor in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.
• Available with single-phase or three-phase motors.

HEPA Filter Included

Model  Volt  Max Power W  Depress. max mm/H2O  Filter Surface CM²  Air flow max lt/min  Noise level dB (A)  Tank capacity Lt  Value mm H2O
KY 90 T3   3-phase   3000  3300   32000  5800  70  70  2750

Ultrasonic Cleaner

By tama/sku 016

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